How to Prepare for your Appraisal

Tips for your Home Appraisal


Although Florida licensed real estate appraisers are professionals trained to have a sharp eye with an extensive attention to detail, there are several tips a homeowner can do in order to provide a more thorough inspection that focuses on their homes unique features. 

1. Make a List - If using a realtor, have your realtor make a list of the extras that might be of value for your home. Example: new kitchen, new roof, impact windows, etc.

Although some items may be completely visible to the human eye, a list can also guide the appraiser to verify the condition and age of the updates. 

2. Finish up those minor repair jobs you have pending - Is your home lacking curb appeal? Is your interior or exterior paint in need of a retouch? Any holes in the ceilings/wall? Now is the time for those minor repairs that could potentially increase your home's value if completed.

3. Cleanup and Declutter - An appraiser is not there to judge your way of living, however having your home cleaned and free of clutter makes it easier for the appraiser to clearly distinguish what updates and additional features the home has. By freeing the house of mess and clutter the appraiser can truly value the spacing and layout of the house.

The small actions listed above help make the necessary aspects of your home stand out in order to get the most accurate appraisal possible.