Dividing the house in a divoce?

Residential Appraisals During Divorce Disputes


For some, a divorce can be an emotional trauma that drains both couples into fighting unnecessary battles including the sale or “buy out” of their home. Listing a property for sale alone is a hard decision, finding a list price during a divorce can make it that more difficult. 

The hiring a Florida licensed real estate appraiser during a divorce, will provide the fair market value of the property. This process will assist both parties in identifying a realistic and accurate listing price, while avoiding additional disputes regarding property valuation.

Additionally, during a divorce, one spouse may want to buy out the other in order to stay with the property. In order to avoid a value dispute for the homes fair market value, it is recommended to hire a Florida licensed real estate appraiser in order to provide a fair market value of the home. By obtaining an appraisal by a Florida licensed real estate appraiser, both parties will feel more comfortable with the value which would be provided by an unbiased third party. 

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